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iman rdh dental hygienist



I've had quite the journey in the startup world, wearing many hats along the way and playing a key role in their success by driving marketing strategies and shaping products. From the very beginning, I've been there to nurture startups from their infancy, to their first steps, and when they're ready to run.

I've dived into a diverse mix of dental realms, from traditional practices and direct-to-consumer oral care to bold Y Combinator-backed startups. This journey has taken me across the dynamic spectrum of dental landscapes and entrepreneurial frontiers.

Right now, I'm excitedly embarking on a new venture poised to transform a billion-dollar market. Through a dedicated emphasis on accessibility, clarity, and expertise, I am working towards catalyzing a significant shift that promises to redefine the industry.

I'm all about creating a tight-knit and trustworthy community. My secret sauce? Mixing education, lifestyle, and a dash of excitement into oral hygiene. It's not just about sharing info; it's about making oral care an intriguing journey. I blend smarts with creativity, weaving dental education into everyday life. Oral hygiene becomes more than a chore; it's a fun and vibrant part of living well.

I have spent the last 4 years revolutionizing a boring market into a thrilling adventure. By mixing solid know-how with the awesome benefits of good oral care, I've turned it into something people are excited about. My approach is breaking the mold of traditional dental care and adding a touch of sophistication to daily life. 

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