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I’ve spent the last 7 years helping brands find their millennial voice and slowly started realizing the profession I love needs major help in finding that voice. That’s where this page comes in. I want to create a place for people who aren’t just interested in oral health, but overall health, with a hint of wellness, fitness, and beauty.
Welcome to your modern day dental hygienist!

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How to prepare for your next humanitarian mission trip.

Hey y'all! I'm sharing a few things i've learned from my dental mission trips and want to share all of the tea on everything you need to know before your next big mission trip. 1. Prepare yourself to be in a different environment than what you're used to. I always check in with my PCP to make sure I am up to date with all of my required vaccines. Some countries have outbreaks of different endemics and it's good to be prepared in case you come across it. 2. If this is your fi


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